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  • Jan 14 - A market bounce?Although technically not formed as yet, if you want to trade the idea of a potential market bounce this video explores how one could action this whilst keeping the dollar risk low whilst offering a high return if the trade is successful.
  • 9:57
    Big Buck BunnyBig Buck Bunny was the first project in the Blender Institute Amsterdam. This 10 minute movie has been made inspired by ..
  • 2:33
    ICE AGE 4 Trailer 2012 Movie -..Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Trailer 2012 Movie - Official Ice Age 4 trailer in [HD] - Scrat accidentally triggers the b..
  • 2:31
    Cronicles of Narnia :Prince Ca..Cronicles of Narnia :Prince Caspian Trailer High Definition 720p
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Education videos

  • 5:1
    Trading expectationsReinforcing the need for appropriate measurement in trading, this short video explores the differences between the two types of expectations in trading AND suggest positive steps to avoid the potentially damaging impact of an expectation gap.
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